Links to Community Friends

  • Minnesota Men's Conference
  • The Minnesota Mens Conference is simply the oldest and greatest mythopoetic men's conference in the United States. We expect 90 adult men and 30 youth, 15 and above. The teachers list over the years has been a who's who of great souls:

    ROBERT BLY, a poet, author, translator and elder to be reckoned with. Also... John Lee, Malidoma Some,Robert Moore, Coleman Barks, Martin Prechtel, Tom Gampell, James Hillman, Michael Meade, Miquel Rivera, Haki Matabuti to name a few. ...and Doug von Koss, you know about already.

  • WisdomBridge
  • My friend Francis Weller's wonderful site exploring his many programs centering on restoring our indigenous soul. Worth the look and worth your participation.

  • Redwood Men's Center - Sonoma County, CA
  • Information on Men's events in Northern California. They also sponsor an annual Memorial Day (week-end) conference/retreat in the Redwoods at Camp Gualala, CA. Hari Meyers, Gordon Pugh and Richard Naegle of Sebastopol are the guiding lights. Many lives have been changed forever at this gathering. Good guys all.

  • Great Mother New Father Conference
  • Created and led by Robert Bly. Robert gathers great teachers around a huge theme. May 30th - June 7th, 2009, Camp Kieve, Maine. A week of joyous creativity celebrating and exploring all the arts in community. Five stars on a four star scale. Start saving!

  • Bloomwork (relationship)
  • Charlie & Linda Bloom, authors of "101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married" are a wonderful couple who do fabulous relationship work in Santa Cruz, Esselen, Etc. AND...I love to travel & teach with them in Bali and Mexico.

  • Robert Bly
  • Robert Bly is one of the best-known living poets in America. It is difficult to summarize the extent of his work and what he has contributed to the world we live in. Take a look at some of his books, attend a reading, or come to one of his conferences, and you'll be on your way to discovering the great wealth his 80-something years of life have brought us.

  • Malidoma Some
  • Malidoma is an initiated elder from Burkina Faso, West Africa. He has been a regular teacher and ritual leader at the Minnesota Men's Conference. I've known and benefited from his friendship for 20 years.

  • Robert Moore - Lecturer/Psychotherapist
  • When speaking of great teachers, Robert's name makes the list complete. Robert Moore is a leading Psychotherapist, consultant, and expert on the partnership between Psychology and Spirituality. Author of many books on Masculine Archetypes his lastest books are THE ARCHETYPE OF INITIATION: Sacred Space, Ritual Process & Personal Transformation; and FACING THE DRAGON: Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity.

  • Barry and Maya Spector
  • Barry and Maya nurture the imagination by encouraging the study of mythology and poetry. They create, recite, and listen to soulful poetry. Both are fine story tellers and solid ritualists.

  • Dan and Dale Zola

  • Menstuff
  • My friend Gordon Clay has built this site to become THE place for dependable information on all things concerning men in America.

  • Now and then Doug lets loose a blessing or a rant.

  • IMDb Newsletters - Doug's Movie Career
  • A glance back to my other life in the movie business. Yes, 20 years in films prior to my 10 year San Francisco Opera adventure. They call this, a filmography. I call it 'ancient history.' ...but some of you might not know this, so...

    "My first clue that Doug's work is uniquely powerful was experiencing a group of 30 women, meeting for the first time, hit holy on the first song. With Doug the unexplainable occurs; it’s beautiful and inspiring.
    It brought me confidence in letting go, and letting the music just happen ...and its been happening ever since."

    Abigail Adams, R.N.


    “Sing like the birds sing, not caring who hears or what they think.”


    Doug von Koss laughing it up with Ketut Leyer in April 2007.